Automate & Personalize
Web Push Notifications

CanisHub empowers digital retailers to deliver dynamic, 1:1 personalized push notifications that results in better engagement and more sales.

Setup campaigns in no time using our pre-defined templates designed specially for retail e-commerce.

    Dynamic Push Message

    Leverage behaviour based dynamic push content.

    Personalised Send Time

    Personalize & automate send time for each push uniquely.

    Dynamic Segmentation

    Compose push based on interest, triggers & much more.
    Target and Personalize
    Customers at Right Time
    1. Test multiple headline and message body for same event
    2. CanisHub engine will decide the best performing message and optimize itself. No need of A/B testing
    3. Personalize with interest category, products and name of the subscriber to make it more readable
    4. New product launches to people interested in that category only making it hyper-targeted
    5. Setup various business events at which you want to launch a push a notification
    Dynamic Audience
    Library & Triggers

    Using the power of our ML based e-commerce relevance engine, recommend highly relevant products via dynamically segment users based on interest, and other behaviour and purchase attributes.

    • Event Push Notifications
    • Price Drop Notifications
    • In Stock Notifications
    • Interest based Notifications
    • New Launch Notifications

    are some example of campaigns you can create on the fly.

    Click Rate
    Improve click rates by average 65% with hyper-personalized push content.
    With personalize timings reduce the risk of being blocked by average of 67%.
    Push Revenue
    12% increase in push revenue using interest based trigger push notifications.
    Overall Revenue
    Increase total revenue by minimum 2% by adding personalized push notifications.
    Web Push
    Automation & Recommendations

    CanisHub collects customer data on behaviours, interests, purchases, and other important events to fuel the dynamic 1:1 personalization and recommendations campaigns for your email marketing messages.


    With advance data science algorithms, each individual customer receives highly relevant results. This relevance is achieved at scale to meet retail requirement.

    5x Engagement Rate
    Personalized Push Notifications

    Push notification personalization is a complete solution to achieve engagement and conversion of lost sales in real-time using our predictive technology.

    Abandoned Cart Push

    Send abandoned cart reminders to re-engage shoppers who have left items behind.

    In-Stock Alerts

    Alert subscribers who have shown interest in out of stock products and similar products.

    ‘We Miss You’ Push

    Automate re-acquisition campaigns with order follow-up push to subscribers at risk.

    Interest Based Push

    Schedule interest based push reminders for customers who have shopped previously.

    RFM based Push

    Send push based on dynamic segmentation to promote right offers to right customers.

    New Product Launch

    Automate and targeted push to qualified subscribers for new product or category launches.
    Recover Lost Sales

    Our intelligent push automation marketing engine has improved lost sales by minimum 30% as compared to traditional push notifications and has increased the revenue from push notifications by an average 17%.

    Push Delivered
    Revenue Generated
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