Automation Feature

Web/App Personalization

CanisHub will tailor your shoppers' experience with the most relevant products that they are most likely to buy.

Key Features

New & Returning

Create different campaigns for new or returning visitors and what messages or offer to show them.

Mobile & Desktop

Use different widgets for mobile and desktop to personalize your user experience seamlessly.

Behavior & Trigger

Personalize the site based on customer behaviour or set up some triggers such as add to cart click.

Best Fit Offer

Start this campaign to allow CanisHub decide the best offer for each customer based on their score.

Adaptive Layout

No visitors are alike. CanisHub treats every visitor as human and tailor their experience with data backed technology. Optimize your website messaging, content and even banners based on each visitors behaviour or score.

Tailor your communication such that you are speaking to each of your customer directly.

Score based Coupons

Start offering your customers the discounts and offers based on dynamic scoring. You can now offer coupons or discounts based on their buying behaviour or possibility of buying.

We can predict the possiblity of purchase and can choose the take the best possible action in real-time.

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