Smart Widgets

Personalize customer experience at each step of shoppers journey. Start delivering tailored communication through our various web widgets and notifications.

    Multiple Web Widgets

    Select from multiple widget to display personalized products and messages. Snackbars, Pop-ups, Sliders, etc.

    Web Notifications

    Enable web notification to embed more than 5 personalization logic to create curiosity among the shoppers.

    Pre-Defined Templates

    Start using our pre-built ready-to-use mobile friendly templates that are optimised to deliver faster results.
    Increased AOV by average 30%
    CanisHub intelligent ML engine uses predictive models and product catalogue to deliver the most relevant message or product to each consumer.
    With personalized widgets deliver these messages or products at the right time during the purchase journey to improve your sales.
    Why Choose Web Widgets?

    CanisHub’s cognitive learning and dynamic audience library considers 20+ attributes to deliver relevant products and messages using web widgets in real-time.

    10+ ML Models

    Leverage various ML models to up sell or cross sell items using various widgets.

    Mobile Optimized

    Our widgets are mobile optimized to provide seamless experience to each user.

    Flexible Controls

    Control when and how you want a widget to be displayed to individual visitor.

    Seamless Integration

    Our widgets can be turned on or off with just a click of a button.

    Behavioural Widgets

    Use the interest parameter to trigger a widget with a tailored message.

    Dashboard & Reporting

    Analyze which widget is working with our detailed dashboard.
    See What's Inside

    Select from the range of web widgets that you need to implement on your e-commerce store for better personalization.

    Dynamic Snackbar

    • Target New or Returning Visitors with different message or offers
    • Show different offers to low value customers vs high value customers
    • Display customised message based on Interest detected

    Website Notifications

    Target visitors by creating urgency or pushing products that might be most relevant to each user in real-time. Models include:

    • Recently Bought Products
    • People Also Bought
    • Trending Products
    • People Also Saw

    Web Sliders & Pop-ups

    • Dynamic Sliders
    • Dynamic Pop-ups
    • Add to cart button Recommendations
    • Personalised Offers & Product

    Dynamic Landing Pages

    • Create personalized landing page that will populate based on user behaviour.
    • No need of A/B testing anymore as you can be populate based on user interest and trends.
    • Deploy 10 recommendation models to populate the page and let the engine optimize the conversion rate.
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