Improved Conversion rate by 15%
Amplify your Shopify Sales
Product Recommendations + Dynamic Announcement + Automated Push Notification

The All-in-One Conversion Optimization Shopify App will boost shopify stores  conversion rate by 18%,  average order value by 45% and sales by 4% in first month. 


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Product Recommendations

Personalize your e-commerce store with award winning product recommendation models. Customize your Homepage, Product Page, Collection Page or Cart Page to display ML based recommedations.

With CanisHub proprietary recommendation models, personalize shopping journey of each visitor based on their interest to be most relevant to them. Even solve the problem of cold start with our “what people buy for the first time” recommendation algorithm.

Each e-commerce store is different, hence try out from multiple range of recommendation model that suits the need of your store. We have 10+ recommendation models that will revolutionise the way shopping happens of your site.

Cross sell and up sell is very easy CanisHub shopify app. You can use manual mapping of categories or products, giving you ultimate control over the way recommendation occur.

CanisHub has failsafe mechanism already in place. Even, if your manual mapping doesn’t work, CanisHub will take over the control to personalize user journey in real-time.

Change the style and formatting or even the widget layout with easy to use dashboard. You can go live within minutes and create as many campaigns as you want to test our new recommendation models.

Promote Offers Better
Dynamic Announcement

Get complete freedom on where, what and how to show announcements to your visitors. Create as many campaigns as you like to test the best communication or offer strategy.

Promote different offers to first time visitors and different to repeat visitors. Thus, helping you to promote offers and discounts effectively.

Now show offers on different page based on cart value. CanisHub by default divides the entire store price range into three equal buckets making it easy to decide what offers or discounts to provide at what price range.

Show different announcement to your customers. You can choose from various kind of customer segmentations such as high value customers or active customers to show your communications.

Now, show collection based offers. “Buy 1 and 1 one free on Selected collections” or 10% OFF of Tops and T-Shirts”. These communications will be shown only on the products of a particular collection type.

Bring back lost visitors
Automated Web Push Notifications

Target your lost visitors with personalized browser push notifications to increase the sales.

Sent recurring automated push notifications to cart abandoned and product browse abandoned users.

Broadcast offers or discounts to all subscriber base at one click.

Send web push notifications to customer segments such as High Spenders vs Low Spenders or Hibernating vs Churned Customers. Lure them with right offer at the right stage to bring lost subscribers back.

Send push notifications based on interest shown by subscribers. Target fast moving interest of subscribers and the offers as per their interest categories with our real-time interest analytics.

Shopify Personalization Suite Plans

While no one plan can fit all. We have a flat pricing structure that suffice the most. Please contact our customer success manager for customized pricing and consulting.



100K Widget Impressions

($2 / 5000 Widget Impressions over the 100K limit included in the plan)

10+ Product Recommendations

Unlimited Announcements

2,000 Push Subscribers

Sales Analytics

Product Analytics

1M Event Tracking



250K Widget Impressions

($2 / 6000 Widget Impressions over the 250K limit included in the plan)

10+ Product Recommendations

Unlimited Announcements

10,000 Push Subscribers

Sales Analytics

Product Analytics

3M Event Tracking




500K Widget Impressions

($1 / 7000 Widget Impressions over the 500K limit included in the plan)

10+ Product Recommendations

Unlimited Announcements

25,000 Push Subscribers

Sales Analytics

Product Analytics

5M Event Tracking



1M Widget Impressions

($1 / 8000 Widget Impressions over the 1M limit included in the plan)

10+ Product Recommendations

Unlimited Announcements

Unlimited Push Subscribers

Sales Analytics

Product Analytics

10M Event Tracking

Personalization &
Marketing Automation
At CanisHub we strive to deliver recommendations with unmatched accuracy even for the most complex product mix. As compared to other relevance engines, we provide custom support to our clients. This enables us to constantly review and optimize the performance of our algorithms.
  • ML Models
  • Optimization
  • NLP
  • Pixel
  • Scoring
Still confused?

How are revenue generated calculated?

CanisHub revenue generated is total revenue attributed by CanisHub when a visitor clicks & buys the recommended product in the same session. We consider the sale price of the exact item from an order while calculating total revenue generated.

So, for example, if an order has 3 items and 1 of it was recommended then the revenue generated will consider sale price for that 1 recommended product only.

Will I be upgraded automatically?

No. We don’t upgrade the plan automatically. Each package has base cost + usage fee (% of revenue generated). The higher your plan is the better saving you do.

We intimate each customer when they can upgrade for more savings!

My site is still under development?

If your site is still under development then please contact us at and we will extend the trial period to up to 60 days and thereafter it will be a nominal fee to keep the account active and it will tagged as “Development Plan”.

30 days trial?

Every account is entitled for a 30 days trial. The trial starts after the integration is completed. Normally, a new account takes 1-2 days for end-to-end integration. For Shopify, you can directly install the plugin and avail a 30 days free trial.