In-Store Product

Personalize product recommendations at each step of customer experience. Start recommending the right products to the right user at the right time using our ML Intelligent Engine.

    Merchandising Control

    Control recommendations with an easy-to-use wizard with flexible targeting options that updates in real-time.

    Large Feed Size Support

    CanisHub can fully ingest and handle large feeds with millions of product SKUs to power recommendations.

    Recommendation Templates

    Start using our pre-built ready-to-use mobile friendly recommendations templates that are optimised to deliver faster results.
    Increase your product sales by being relevant
    CanisHub recommendation engine uses machine learning & predictive algorithms to predict the most relevant products per customer in real-time.
    Whether a new visitor or returning, our engine can cater to both with flawless speed and unmatched precision.
    Why Product Recommendations?

    CanisHub’s cognitive recommendation approach considers 20+ attributes to become relevant, every time and deliver recommendations instantly.

    10+ ML Models

    Leverage various ML models to up sell or cross sell items that match user interest, behaviour or past viewing or purchase history.

    Mobile Optimized

    Our widgets or embedded codes are mobile optimized to provide seamless experience to each users without distracting their shopping journey.

    Fast Feed Processing Time

    Our lighting fast stack helps us to eliminate out of stock products from recommendations and new products to system almost instantly.

    Seamless Integration

    Our Rest based APIs are easy to integrate and work seamlessly with any technology or platforms; Shopify, Magneto are few examples.

    NLP Cataloging

    Our powerful NLP models play a crucial role in accurately identifying and segmenting product interest with user behaviour.

    Dashboard & Reporting

    Access specialised performance dashboard carefully crafted for e-commerce companies to check key performance metrics.
    See What's Inside

    We stitch and tailor the entire consumer shopping experience by leveraging behavioural data in real-time.

    Homepage Recommendations

    • Bestsellers
    • Trending by Views
    • First Time Buyers
    • Similar to Items Viewed
    • Bestsellers in Interest Category
    • Recently Viewed

    Product Detail Page(PDP) Recommendations

    • Bestsellers in Category
    • Similar Items
    • Similar Items based on NLP
    • Cross-sell based on NLP
    • Also Bought
    • Please Also Saw
    • Recently Viewed
    • Frequently bought Together

    Product Listing Page (PLP) Recommendations

    • Trending by View within Category
    • Bestsellers in Category
    • First Time Buyers
    • Recently Viewed
    • Bestsellers Products

    Cart Page Recommendations

    • Technical Seo audit
    • Semantic core collection
    • Similar Products
    • Similar Products using NLP
    • People Also Bought
    • Frequently Bought Together
    • Bestsellers

    Complete Worflow For Any SEO Professional

    • Trending Products
    • People Also Bought
    • Frequently Bought Together
    • Dynamic Bundled Products
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