Setting up Personalized Announcement Campaigns

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What’s an Announcement Bar?

An announcement bar is a one or two sentence announcement space at the very top of a website that It pops into the top as the site loads but isn’t obtrusive, like old pop up windows.

Why use Announcement Bar?

  1. Product Launch: To launch a new product or collection
  2. Advertise Discounts: The best way to promote an offer is using announcement bar. It allows you to show your potential buyers about various offers you have for them
  3. Free Shipping or Generic Messages: Many e-commerce brands uses this space for giving our messages such as Free Shipping WorldWide or Free Shipping on order above XXX. You can also use this space to announce generic message such as “We deliver only organic products” or “All our products are hand crafted” and so on.
  4. Link to Offer Page: It can also be used to link to offer page where you have all the discounted products or offers listed
  5. Free Giveaways: Use this space to announce free giveaways such as “Free Gift on Purchase above XXX” or “Buy X and Y Free”
  6. Collection or Category Offers: Use this to promote an offer running across a category or collections such as “10% off on Shoes this week”
  7. First Time vs Repeat Visitors: Use this option to offer different offers to first time visitors than repeat visitors such as “Get 5% OFF on your first purchase” for first time and “Get Free Gift on purchase above XXX” for repeat.
  8. Customers Segmentations: Use this option to show different message to customers based on categories such as Low Spenders/Hibernating/Active etc. The messages or communication can be based on category type, for example, Hibernating customers can be shown message like “It’s been long you haven’t ordered anything. Here’s an extra 10% discount code”

What you should not do?

Don’t use announcement bar just to give generic messages such as “Thank you for visiting our store”. Announcement bar is used to announce something important for visitors. It is the first thing that they will see, even before the site. So, make sure it is worth reading.

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