How to uninstall CanisHub Shopify App?

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A guide on how to remove CanisHub Personalization Suite code from the Shopify store theme.

After uninstalling CanisHub app, our users would only need to remove a few lines of CanisHub code from their store.

This will remove CanisHub footprint from the backend.

To delete our code, please follow these simple 3 step process:

Step 1: Visit the Edit Code Section of the Shopify Theme

After you login to Shopify, click on Online Store > Theme > Actions > Edit Code

Click on Online Store from the left menu
Click on Themes > Actions > Edit Code

Step 2: Remove CH Container Reference from Theme.Liquid

Click on theme.liquid and search for “{% include ‘ch_container’ %}”. It will be mostly placed above </body> tag. Remove this code from theme.liquid.

Remove CH Container Block

Step 3: Delete all “CH_” named files

Search “ch_” in the search files tab on the edit code page. Mostly, all files will be found in either Snippet or Asset folder. Delete all files that starts with ch_.

Search and Delete ch_

Once all three steps are done, CanisHub codes will be removed from the store completely. In case of any doubts or further assistance, please email us to

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