Personalize consumer experience with relevant products or offers at each step of their shopping journey.

Start recommending the right products to the right user at the right time using our ML Intelligent Engine.


    Leverage ML technology to recommend highly relevant products.

    Smart Coupons

    Recommend score based individualised coupons at the right time.

    Smart Web Widgets

    Use dynamic web widgets to hyper personalize user experience.

    Future of Personalization
    in Retail Industry

    According to Epsilon, 90% of consumers find personalized experiences appealing, and 80% are more likely to buy it, if hyper-relevant. Yet, only 12% of brands feel their personalization strategies are effective.

    Every path to personalization is different and in retail it has to serve each individual based on their needs and behaviours. CanisHub connect the dots between consumer behaviour and product meta data by using sophisticated NLP models to better serve this requirement.

    Stitching CX
    in Real-Time

    Better engage shoppers by transforming customer experience using hyper-personalised strategies. Drive brand loyalty, better retention and brand recalls by tailoring the shopping experience.

    3x better CTR with improved relevance.
    Conversion Rate
    15% increase in conversion rate within first month of implementation
    Average Order Value
    45% increase in AOV for large fashion and retail e-stores.
    5% increase in sales straight after plugging in relevance engine.
    15% Increase in Conversion Rate
    Web Personalization Features

    In-store personalization is a complete solution to achieve individualization in real-time using our predictive technology.

    Banner Personalization

    Personalize banners on homepage or collection pages based on interest shown to each consumer dynamically.

    Personalized Offers

    Personalize offers for each visitor based on dynamic audience library or interest shown in a type of product. Show multiple qualified offers.

    Dynamic Web Notifications

    Use web notifications to trigger offers or products that might be of consumer interest to increase the probability of purchase.

    New vs Repeat Visitors

    Personalize web experience logic differently for new or repeat visitors. Precise product targeting based on 20+ attributes.

    Dynamic Pop-ups

    Utilize dynamic pop-ups to recommend right offers or products to right users at the right time to increase conversion rate.

    In-store Analytics

    We love data and provide monthly and weekly reporting on visibility, conversions & revenue and opportunities.
    See What's Inside

    We stitch and tailor the entire consumer shopping experience by leveraging behavioural data in real-time.

    Product Recommendations

    • Bestselling Products
    • Up-sell & Cross-Sell
    • First Time Buyers
    • Interest based Products
    • Recently Viewed
    • Also Bought + Frequently Bought Together
    • People Also Saw this
    • And 5 more…

    Dynamic Offers

    • Target separate offers for new vs returning visitors
    • Target different offers for loyal customers
    • Adapt separate discounting strategy for churned out customers
    • Special discounts for one time buyers to improve retentions
    • Qualify each customers for various discounts based on Interest

    Dynamic Web Notifications

    • Social Proof of Purchase
    • Increasing Average Order Value
    • Leverage 5+ Reco Models
    • ML based Trigger
    • Target different Logics simultaneously

    Smart & Dynamic Widgets

    Smart widgets are capabilities to personalize web experience for each consumer individually. Just plug and start selling more.

    • Dynamic Snackbars
    • Smart Pop-ups
    • Web Sliders
    • Individualize Landing Pages
    Improved Conversion Rate & AOV

    Our intelligent product recommendations have improved conversion rate by minimum 15% in the first month of implementation and have generated 5-10% of total sales for the stores online.

    Revenue Influenced
    Revenue Generated
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