CanisHub for Fashion

Personalization for Fashion

A retail technology to understand the personalisation & engagement automation need of fashion, clothing and apparel industry.

Data-Driven Engagement Features

Dynamic Dictionary

Our dynamic dictionary for fashion understands each items' meta data in no time for a robust products segmentation.

Reco Models for Fashion

Our recommendation models are trained for fashion, clothing, accessories, handbags, jewellery and more.

Robust Insights

Our robust insights are build around fashion. Performance based on colour, size, and other business attributes.

Fashion Metadata

We are constantly building our fashion meta data to understand the pecularity of each data point for businesses.

Recommendations for Fashion

Fashion trends are ever changing. Our technology the can differentiate between tops and tunics, t-shirts and shirts, or footwear and handbags.

These global dictionaries clubbed with our predictive models make our personalization far superior than most.

recommendations for fashion
fashion retailers and technology

Fashion Retailers & Technology

Fashion is a complex subject. Even if two people wear the same size in clothes; their style and preferences are completely different.

Our models can determine the relations between consumers need and their changing buying patterns. The recommendations adapt to these changes in real-time. After all, which footwear a person buys after buying a black jeans is still a million dollar question.

Sort Fashion based on Intelligence

CanisHub can sort fashion catalogues based on shoppers' interest, dynamic dictionary and past buying patterns to deliver the most relevant shopping experience each time. Don’t let your consumers get lost in navigating between pages.

Our technology enables merchants & retailers to organise less relevant style. These reordered queries help shoppers quickly find items they’ll to shop and keep.

Sort fashion products

Our Features

Why choose CanisHub?

E-Commerce Personalization

Use push notifications to reach out to old dormant users with exciting offers.

Email & SMS Personalization

Use dynamic retargeting to send personalized messages and offers to each user.

Push & Web Widget Targeting

Convert your website visitor into push subscriber in just 1 click.

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