Most Popular Questions

1. What is CanisHub Generated Revenue

Whenever a visitor clicks on a recommended product and buys the same product in the same session, we tag that product sale as CanisHub Generated Revenue.

Unlike many competitors, who attribute any sale after clicking on a recommended product as generated revenue or if a sale happens within 7 days of a click, we attribute to sale only if a visitor buys the product within the same session (not even the same day).

2. What is meant by Monthly Visitors or Subscribers?

Monthly visitors means the visitors who have come to your site or app at least once in the calendar month.

Subscribers means the users who have opted-in for web push, email or sms.

3. How much time does the implementation takes?

Our implementation takes not more than 1 day with proper support for the client’s side. We have well-documented APIs and our support teams make sure that each API data point is integrated appropriately.

4. Will marketing automation reduce the amount of work for marketing department?

To be perfectly honest: No. Automation doesn’t mean an autopilot. Marketing Automation helps you automate and monitor campaigns more effectively. Your team will get time to do more with analytics, conceptual work and task that matters the most. CanisHub will take away all the mechanical tasks within few clicks.

5. What if systems turns out to be too complicated?

There is no way that the platform will be too difficult to manage. The core mission of CanisHub is to simply the marketing and engagement strategies. But if you feel it is too complicated then our CRO experts would be assisting you to understand it better.

6. How to segment my base for the first time?

Speak to our CRO expert and we can onboard the first time base customers using manual exercise at no cost. We need to track them too, so a simple personalised email would help us get basic information about them and once they visit your portal, CanisHub will map their activities to their unique IDs.

7. What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing our support team or contacting us directly. For you existing subscription, we will cancel the subscription right away and refund you the balance amount on pro rata basis.

8. Will my data be safe?

Data Security is of paramount importance to us. Our platform uses multi-tenancy approach to make sure that our customer data is always protected. We have multiple layer of security and data layers to protect the identity of each record. We also ensure on timely basis to audit our data security to find loopholes and fix them.

9. What if I cross usage limits during my billing cycle?

If you exceed your plan limits, your dedicated CRO expert will notify you via email and sms so that you can pay for the additional usage or upgrade your subscription. You will be charged on a pro rata basis for the additional usage.

10. What is difference between one time and recurring campaigns?

All our campaigns are either one time or recurring. All interest based campaigns are one time campaigns, whereas other use cases such as back in stock or new launches are recurring campaigns.

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