GlobalDesi Case Study

Personalization - It's all about Relevance

Brand Story:

Global Desi is the ultimate fashion destination for the modern woman who is always on the lookout for exquisitely crafted ladies wear online. At Global Desi, you’ll find a variety of women’s clothing online. From dresses to designer suits, Indian wear for women to western summer clothes, we have it all for you.



The goal was to improve conversion rate and average session duration using machine learning based product recommendations. One of the problem statement was that visitors should find the relevant and personalized products from thousands of products available on site in time.


CanisHub with the help machine learning algorithms implemented similar personalized product widget on product page that renders similar products based on the interest shown by the visitors in real-time. This helped boost the average session duration and improved product view to purchase funnel. We also implemented interest based recommendation on the homepage that displays products from top interested category on the homepage. This helped visitors to connect to the interested product category without traversing through the site. 


The following implementation have improved the product view to purchase funnel to 3.2 times and conversion rate by 34%. CanisHub widgets has been constantly contributing 5% to the top line month-on-month. The implementation has also helped in improving product views per sessions by 42% month-on-month.

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