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We are a dynamic team focused on improving overall web/app experience through disruptive technologies.

Digital Engagement has recently become quantity game where brands and corporates are eager to send out communications in bulk. With more than 15 years of experience in digital world, we don't believe in quantity. Our motto is to send the most relevant communication at the right time without spamming the user.

The challenge that we are solving is to send the right message to right people at the right time in the right quantity so that your brand communications are noticed and are appropiate.

Times Transactions
Percent CTR Improved
Percent AOV Increased
Percent Page Sessions

We are team of highly experienced people in the field of technology and digital marketing. We strive hard to combine data with technology to bring out the best possible recommendation for the end user making their digital experience a memorable one.

  • Machine Learning

  • Marketing Automation

  • Data Science

CanisHub embraces machine learning algorithms to learn from each click your web/app receive. We analyse thousands of data points for every visitor to understand the behaviour and intent of the visitor. With each new click, the personalisation grows stronger.

  • Rest Based API

  • Click Stream Data Analytics

  • Real-Time Personalization

Our mission is to understand the exact intent of every visitor that comes on your site and to deliver the most personalised and accurate recommendation at all touch point to make their digital journey seamless and hassle-free.

  • No Bulk

  • Zero Spams

  • No Need to Repeat

Team @ CanisHub

Piyush M Agarwal


With 12+ years of experience in Startups and MNCs viz. Oracle, Gemalto, Mastek building scalable systems along the way. Piyush specializes in Product development, SaaS Architecture, ML Technologies.

Vipul Aggarwal


With past 10+ years of experience in Startups and Corporates viz. MyGlamm, ZiffDavis, WTS(DHFL) strategizing digital marketing plans. Vipul specializes in Product Management and Data Analytics.

Parvez Shaikh

Front End Developer

With over 2 years of experience in startups, Parvez specializes in handling UI and front end development at CanisHub. He also specializes in Node.js and other javascript applications and backend technologies.

Pranav Matolia

BD & Customer Success Manager

With a post-graduate degree in International Business, Pranav is honing his business development and marketing skills to help CanisHub grow and capture markets. When not at work, he likes to travel, swim and read sipping on a tall glass of piña colada.

We're Hiring?

UX/UI Designer

Need someone with more than a year experience in SaaS based technology UX design or development. He/She should be good at User Journeys, Information Architect, UI Guidelines and Wireframes. Must be hands on with Photoshop, Illustrator and HTML5/CSS3.

We're Hiring?

Node Developer

Need someone with more than a year experience in Node.JS development. He/She should be good at web application logics, Javascript. Primary role will involve back-end components development and integration management using third party APIs.


Abhishek Sarkar

PhD, NTU, Singapore

Over 11 years of experience in Analytics. Abhishek specializes in Data Science & Deep Learning. Abhishek, advices and assists CanisHub in analytics and data science related strategies.

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