How to improve conversions of your Shopify Store?

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

You must have heard this quote several times, and today, we’ll show you its relevance to the online e-commerce world. The world, as we know, has transformed digitally. E-Commerce has taken the world like a storm, and it is here to stay. We have all the major brick and mortar companies competing for a share in the online E-Commerce pie. With the competition increasing and the increasing cost of FB and Google ads, we would like to shift your focus on a critical narrative.

CRO or conversion rate optimization is something that is often overlooked by companies. You see, no matter the amount of traffic you get on your website, you cannot make it big unless you have every minimal part of your website optimized. Shopify stores have a lot of hidden gems, and those are the topic of this post. We will be sharing a few of the most critical conversion optimization hacks that can help you to grow your sales without spending an extra penny on ads.

Let me share two fascinating stats around CRO:

  1. 35% is the calculated average conversion rate of all websites, whereas the top 10% of them have conversion rates exceeding 11%
  2. 300% is the amount of increase in conversions that a website can have by optimizing targeting and testing methods alone.

Do you feel dazzled? Well, I felt the same way when I got to know about these stats. But that was years ago when I started my journey of researching for the best conversion methods. With the introduction of artificial intelligence and data science, numerous ways and techniques have been found to optimize landing pages for the best customer experience.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the hidden secrets of the Industry which will change the face of your business forever and give you the success leap you have been looking for all this while –

 1.  Free shipping – Free shipping is the most cliché of marketing techniques used in online E-Commerce. It is less of a price relief and more of a method of emotional intelligence. A lot of studies have been conducted, which clearly shows that free shipping triggers a feeling in the mind of getting undue benefits from a deal. If you do your calculations while considering the shipping cost included in the product, after doing extensive competitive analysis, you can leverage this strategy across your product range.


Shipping costs are a major deciding factor of consumers, and offering free shipping gives them a sigh of relief immediately. It is also important to advertise it properly on your landing page and integrate it with an engaging user interface.

2.  Limited time coupons – FOMO or fear of missing out is considered as the best friend of marketers. Human beings have a natural tendency to feel the fear of missing out on almost everything. We also tend to feel the fear of missing out and tend to make decisions near deadlines on factors that usually might not even affect us in the long run. The best is that it is applicable to every Industry.


It is one of the attention-grabbing ways. The best way to utilize FOMO in E-Commerce is by limited-time coupons. Make an offer too appealing for the customer and attach a deadline to it. This should ideally be used as a pop-up on your landing page but should not pop-up just at the time a visitor lands. Ideally, it should land after a few seconds, when the visitor is done consuming about 5% of the content on your website. Limited time coupons should also be effectively used in re-targeting via ads.

3.  The mother of all secrets – If you have been looking for a single hack that will rock your marketing strategy, it is marketing automation. With the advancement in AI and machine learning, various tools have been generated by different leading companies that help you automate the whole process of marketing. For example, I will talk about the software CanisHub which is a Shopify app and has brought some fantastic results. CanisHub works on an engagement based automation model in which machine learning is used to automate the data collection and action-taking processes.


It is a bundle of algorithms that target messaging, custom-coupons, segmentation, omnichannel engagement, and various other automated techniques. These technologies are integrated into the customer’s website and start analyzing every visitor. All of this can be implemented manually, but it is practically impossible for an E-Commerce owner to do everything at the same time without having a considerable marketing automation team.

4.  Abandoned cart recovery – You will have a big chunk of customers who will build a big cart and abandon it just before payment, and this happens due to a variety of reasons. Mostly, it is because of time constraints, and you will also receive your best conversion rates by re-targeting abandoned carts. It is vital to A/B test the strategies used to re-target abandoned cart probable customers.


The best way is to email them and tell them that you miss them! Strategies like informing the clients that the products in their abandoned cart are almost sold out will help you to use FOMO are achieving those last-minute sales. Using coupons and offering them discounts will act as a cherry on the cake.

5.  Integrating live chat – I would like to explain the importance of live chat using a live example. I want you to think of the last time you were on a website selling something of your interest. I am sure you had some questions. Now, there are just two possibilities, either you ignored those questions in your mind or postponed the plan of buying to a time when you will have the time to research and resolve those queries. Well, the majority of the online consumers fall in the latter category, as we as humans do not feel motivated to buy anything before knowing about it in detail.


You must be wondering about the solution to this problem and let me tell you the easiest and the most effective one. It is a live chat; people do not want to wait for email replies or fill in a lengthy contact form and want the resolutions to their problems in an instant. Live chat gives the customers an assurance of getting their queries quickly resolved. Most of the queries you will get will be a part of the FAQ section, but repeating the questions in live chat will help you get a lot of extra sales. The cherry on the cake is chatbots, which you can integrate to help you save spending a lot of money on a dedicated live chat team.

6.  Recommendations – Upsells are quickly important to regular sales. Every visitor is pleased with a personalized experience. You have to make sure to treat you, visitor, as a guest and manage them in the best possible manner. Behavioral automation and machine learning, just as used in CanisHub can help you produce relevant suggestions to the user based on the product they are viewing. User history is a reliable tool that enables you to give the best recommendations.

A lot of users will not surf the whole website and will return after viewing the single product. To combat this problem, you must recommend listed below the main product so that users can easily navigate to other products and get to see your whole collection. This is nothing but optimizing your bounce rate. Internal links will help you to have a lower bounce rate and more sales.

7.  Customer reviews and past sales stats – Customer reviews have been affecting the mindset of customers for decades. You always look for reviews to look for possible problems that you might face after buying the product. A lot of researches has taken place about reviews, and all these reports have emphasized the importance of reviews.


Another effective way to have small pop-ups ideally at the lower-left corner of your landing page informing the visitor of the sales in the past few hours


Names of people making the last purchase also give a boost to the mind of the current visitor and increase the trust value, which directly helps in sales.

I would like to conclude by saying that CRO or conversion rate optimization is equally important as advertising. You can reduce a lot of your advertising spend by optimizing your landing pages. The next phase of the revolution in E-Commerce is conversion rate optimization. The search term “conversion rate optimization” is being searched more than ever on Google, and it is the right time to take action.

In the coming future, Facebook ads and other media buying are going to get expensive, and only the leading companies in E-Commerce will be able to survive this wave. The secret of every successful company is constant innovation, and I advise you to remain ahead of the curve and adopt strategies that will help you grow your company exponentially!

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