Using Email Marketing Automation to boost E-Commerce Sales

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Are you a small or a medium sized e-commerce business trying to boost revenue this year?

Do you use emails to sell your products or connect with your buyers?

Do you find yourself spending too much time, money and resources over an email marketing campaign?

If you’re still with us, this post is for you. What your business needs right now is e-commerce email marketing automation.

Do you know that

B2C marketers who leverage email marketing automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. – eMarketer

In this post, we will tell you 3 ways email marketing automation can help your e-commerce increase sales and retain lost customers

If a visitor has purchased from your website, they are more likely to visit again. Since you already have their contact address, it is way easier than you think to convince them to make another purchase.

You can use email marketing automation to send out

  • Follow up emails for feedback
  • Invitation to join a loyalty program
  • Promotional offers and discount coupons on products of their interest.

While the first two points are straightforward, we will talk a bit about personalizing items in the email you send.

You are aware of how Myntra and Amazon send automated emails to their buyers regularly. If you have browsed through shoes and t-shirts, they will send you emails with the new collection, offers, updates, sales and discount coupons on those kinds of products.

How are they able to do that? E-commerce Email marketing automation with a twist!

Businesses, nowadays, have access to technology that does not require any human intervention to send out automated emails. This predictive technology and behaviour-based segmentation is not only affordable, but it is also simple to set up with the new marketing automation tools available today.

At CanisHub, we have developed a predictive technology that segments users dynamically without any need for human intervention. Based on the audience behavior, you can define which bucket they go into (see below) and when the email should go out.

These buckets can be based on four factors:

  • Customer Interest and affinity
  • Any triggered event
  • Order value and history
  • Activeness and frequency

Once you have decided the buckets, it will automatically select the content that will resonate with your audience and send an email.

Remember, sending emails based on personal preferences and behaviour is the way to boost sales and gain customer loyalty.

Tackling Abandoned cart emails with e-commerce email automation


Cart abandonment is a common problem for e-commerce stores. If you look deeper into it, customers leave a cart for all kinds of reasons, including

  • Weren’t ready to buy
  • The product they added to the cart wasn’t EXACTLY what they were looking for
  • Taxes or shipping was too much
  • The checkout process was too long etc

With email automation techniques, you can easily address these issues (and, you should be addressing this!)

A whopping 69% of online carts are abandoned by users for various reasons. It comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are now turning to email marketing automation to tackle these percentages.

After all, more than 48% of cart abandonment emails are opened, 50% of these are clicked on and 50% of the users who clicked purchase.

Source: Smartmail

If you send out the reminders at the right time, your customers are more inclined to complete the transaction. To give the final push, you can also send discount codes, free shipping offers and, add similar product recommendations.

If you are not utilizing automated emails for regaining the customers who were interested in the first place, you are leaving money on the table! What can we say – don’t do that?

You can accomplish more with transaction and order confirmation emails


Transactional emails are a gold mine and often, the most overlooked email marketing automation tactic.

According to Experian, confirmation emails, in particular, have an astronomical open rate of 114.3% (due to multiple customers opening the email multiple times) while the average marketing email open rate hovers around 20%.

Customers almost always open up the confirmation email, so why not put that to your advantage? You can set that up with email automation software and boost e-commerce sales hands-free!

Source: BlueStout

Look, if you are not using behavioral email marketing automation tools for your e-commerce store today, you’re lagging behind. Not only does email automation software allows you to have an effective marketing strategy, but it also helps you boost revenue and get back the lost customer base WITHOUT having to hire new employees or increasing your overhead.

With customers receiving 131 emails every day in their inbox and business trying to lure them, the ability to speak one to one and giving preference-based experience becomes incredibly valuable.

Are you ready to adopt e-commerce email marketing automation, personalize your email marketing campaign and talk to your buyer directly?

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