Data Driven Personalization
Individualize shopping
experience in real-time
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Increase your online store sales by average 15% by personalizing your customers’ journey using product recommendations, personalized announcement, browser push notifications, email and sms.

    Analyse user behaviour and tailor consumer experience at every touchpoint, using one dashboard

    E-Commerce Engagement Automation

    CanisHub’s ML powered personalization platform runs on proprietary algorithms that analyses every interaction from all customers across touch points.

    Leveraging this data with predictive and statistical models, we build a unique understanding of your customers’ needs and likelihood of purchase, thus improving the customer engagement lifecycle in real-time.

    Orders Influenced
    Revenue Generated
    Why Choose CanisHub

    See for yourself what it takes to make consumer experience great & unique?

    Behavioural Messaging

    Start delivering offers and messages based on their history & activities.

    Score Based Coupons

    Deliver right discount to right visitor at the right time based on dynamic scoring.

    10+ Reco Algorithms

    Use more than 10+ recommendation models such as similar items, bought together.

    Dynamic Segmentation

    Segment your customers by RFM, Cohort, Interest, Purchase Probability etc in real time.

    E-Commerce Insights

    Understand product, sales and customer data with the help of our unified dashboard.

    Omnichannel Engagement

    Control seamless personalization across web, email, sms and push using single access.
    Our Clients
    Empowering scalable personalization
    Whether you’re a retailer, merchandiser, product manager or developer, CanisHub is the platform that will bring your customer experience vision to reality.

    Ecommerce Intelligence Engine

    Build your dynamic customer retention & repeat rate strategies using our ML based unified platform.

    Powerful APIs

    Build your personalization infrastructure with our flexible APIs to support your business requirements.

    Powerful Optimization

    Using single dashboard - experiment, personalize and optimize digital experiences across web, email, sms and push within minutes.

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      Did you know?

      Transactional data accounts for only 1.6% of all data generated by shoppers while onsite behavioral data accounts for 98.4%.

      Transactional Data

      The transactional data consist of all orders and transaction related information of shoppers.

      Behavioural Data

      Behavioural data consists of events, impressions, pageviews and other secondary data points of each shopper.
      • Transactional
      • Behavioural
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