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Personalization & Marketing Automation at Scale

Automate your customer shopping experience and engagement strategies based on their behaviour in real-time.

ML Powered

Hyper Relevance Automation Engine

Deliver relevant content, products, offers and messages to each customer based on predictive models to increase conversion rate and basket size.


Recommend the most relevant products to each customers based on their behaviour and likelihood of purchase.

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Web/App Personalization

Personalize your web/app as per each customers to drive more engagement and sales. Stop offering flat experience to all.

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Personalized Emails

Start sending automated and personalized emails with most relevant products that your customers are interested in.

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Push Automation

With our proprietary algorithms reach visitors even when they are not on your site with products that are most relevant.

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Dynamic Audience Library

A proprietary way to handle customer segmentation that churns your customers' data in real-time allowing to target your customers more effectively.

Our segmentation tool works 24x7 to score each customer and decide the score and bucket they fall into so that you get the most out of your campaigns.

Our segmentations have helped marketers achieve 2x results within the first month of implementation. Try us today to see the results yourself.

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ML Powered Intelligence

CanisHub's ML powered personalization platform runs of proprietary algorithms that analyses every interaction from all customers across touch points.

Leveraging this data with predictive and statistical models, CanisHub builds a unique understanding of your customers' needs and likelihood of purchase, thus improving the customer engagement lifecycle in real time.

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Behavioural Messaging

Start delivering offers and messages based on their history & activities.

Score Based Coupons

Deliver right discount to right visitor at the right time based on dynamic scoring.

10+ Reco Algorithms

Use more than 10+ recommendation models such as similar items, bought together.

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers by RFM, Cohort, Interest, Purchase Probability etc in real time.

Plug & Play Features

Activate web widgets with just a toggle button and our platform will do the rest.

Insights & Analytics

Understand product, sales and customer data with the help of our unified dashboard.

About CanisHub

We are a SaaS based Personalization & Marketing Automation Platform.

Give direction to your engagement campaigns with our omnichannel platform that can deliver and optimize the customer shopping experience with each click.

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Personalization Use Cases

Adaptable Web/App

Make your website or app landing pages adaptable based on each customer's behaviour and likelihood of buying or browsing products. Our engine will constantly personalize the web/app shopping experience with each click.

New or returning visitors, the website or app can adapt to their browsing behaviour in real-time.

Recommended Products

Email marketing is used by 80% of e-commerce companies globally and yet only 28% of them are able to send relevant emails to their customers.

CanisHub tailors each email to showcase most relevant products, messages and discounts to each customer based on their likelihood of purchase.

Behavioural Push Messaging

CanisHub can decide the right content and when to send it to your customers with minimum intervention. With ML technology, the accuracy will only increase with each passing delivery and click.

Now, don't just bring your visitor's back to your site. Surprise them with the products or messages that they would be expecting from your brand.

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Case Studies


Macmerise delivers fresh customer experience based on their behaviour and Interest, with conversion rate upliftment of 27%.

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Fabbox delivers fresh customer experience based on their behaviour and Interest, with conversion rate upliftment of 71%.

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